1st IASGO 2019

Welcome message

On behalf of the International Association of Surgeons Gastroenterologists and Oncologists (IASGO), we are delighted to nvite you to join us at “The First Regional Meeting of IASGO in Belgrade: Postgraduate Course in HBP Surgery and Research” which will take place on September 23-24, 2019.

We commend the remarkable efforts of Professor Aleksandar Karamarkovic, who is directing this course and is leading the effort to establishing stronger collaborations among the IASGO Chapters in area. A goal of these collaborations is the foundation of a Regional Chapter of IASGO and we are ready to work together striving for stronger representation of Eastern European countries in the IASGO.

Professor Karamarkovic and the Local Organizing Committee have developed an outstanding multidisciplinary scientific program for this first meeting dedicated to hepato-biliary-pancreatic diseases. On this special occasion, they joined forces with IASGO leadership and created one of the highest-level programs that includes international experts from Asia, Europe and USA as well as promising senior experts and young fellows from the region. This will lead to networking and cross-fertilization among experts at various stages of their careers and diverse interests to promote further collaborative projects at an international level. Friendships is a key to carry out the mission of IASGO, which is Globalization of Medical Knowledge. This IASGO Meeting will be a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new friends.

Belgrade is a city rich in history, located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers and the crossroads of the Pannonian Plain and the Balkan Peninsula. Lying on the main artery connecting Europe and Asia, Belgrade has been a popular place for travelers through the centuries. The meeting will be held in the heart of Belgrade at the Falkensteiner Belgrade Hotel, and the organizers have put together an exciting social program. So please join us in Belgrade for two unforgettable days of high-level scientific discussions and unique Serbian hospitality!


IASGO Secretary General


IASGO Secretary General

Invitation Message

Dear colleagues and friends
On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the International Association of Surgeons Gastroenterologists and Oncologists (IASGO), we are delighted to invite you to join us at

The First Regional Meeting of IASGO in Belgrade

September 2019, 23-24.
Falkensteiner Hotel, Belgrade

With the support of the IASGO Leadership, Board and General Secretariat, Local Organizing Committee have developed what we believe is a good multidisciplinary scientific program for this first meeting dedicated to hepato-biliary-pancreatic diseases.

This high level program includes international experts from Asia, Europe and USA as well as professional leaders and senior experts from the region.

Clearly, this approach will lead to networking and cross-fertilization among experts from Serbia and the whole region, being at various stages of their careers and pursuing diverse interests to promote further collaborative
projects at an international level.

Strategic choice of most important topics and current challenges in HPB surgery, top experts from Europe and the world, eminent experts from the region, as well as interactive presentational forms should guarantee the
attractiveness of the Course, where we expect over 250 colleagues from the country and the region.
For more than three decades, friendship has been a key to carry out the mission of IASGO, which is Globalization of Medical Knowledge. This IASGO Meeting will be a great opportunity to benefit from dynamic professional exchange, meet old friends and make the new ones and enjoy beauty of Belgrade in early autumn.

Best regards,

Prof. dr Aleksandar Karamarković
Course Director





















Organizing Committee

Professor Petar Svorcan  
Primarius Marijan Ilić  
Professor Bojan Kovačević  
Primarius Vladimir Cijan  
Associate Professor Ljiljana Milić  
Associate Professor Zvezdan Stefanović  
Assistant Professor Igor Krdžić  
Assistant Professor Marko Kenić  
Assistant Professor Maja Stojanović  
Assistant Professor Radislav Ašćerić  
Vladica Ćuk M.D.  
Jovan Juloški M.D.  
Radoslav Radulović M.D.  
Milovan Karamarković M.D.  


Key topics


Main Topic: TIPS and TRICKS in HPB and Liver Transplant Surgery


  • Hepatobiliary malignancies
  • Emerging techniques in HPB Surgery
  • Tora no Ana and First Artery Approaches in Pancreatic Resections
  • How to perform Liver Resection?
  • Advanced Laparoscopic HPB Surgery
  • How to manage difficult Lap cholecystectomy?
  • Biliary Reconstruction after iatrognic Injuries
  • How I do it? Video presentations
  • Liver Trauma Damage Control 
  • Complications in hepatobiliary surgery
  • Tips and Tricks in Liver Transplantation

Scientific program

Preliminary program

Monday, September 23rd

08:30 09:30  
Session Liver 1
Moderators: J. Belghiti, K. Takaori, H.S. Han, A. Karamarković
09:30 09:50 Innovation in liver Surgery
09:50 10:10 Irinel POPESCU
Titu Maiorescu University
Buchurest, Romania
Liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma
10:10 10:30 Dan DUDA
Massachusetts General Hospital
Hardvard Medical School
Boston, USA
Rapidly evolving strategies for the treatment of HBP cancers
10:30 10:50 Atsushi SUGIOKA
Fujita Health University Hospital
Nagoya, Japan
Innovations in hepatobiliary surgery based on Laennec’s capsule
10:50 11:10 Guido TORZILLI
Humanitas Research Hospital
University of Milano, Italy
Milan, Italy
A hepatectomies multiplier formula
11:10 11:35  
11:35 12:05  
Session Liver 2
Moderators: G. Wakabayashi, G. Torzilli, N. Vladov, M. Milićević
12:05 12:25 Evolution of laparoscopic liver surgery
12:25 12:45 Go WAKABAYASHI
Ageo Central General Hospital
Tokyo, Japan
Overcoming difficulty of laparoscopic liver resection
12:45 13:05 Rawisak CHANWAT
National Cancer Institute of Thailand
Bangkok, Japan
Precise parenchymal transection for laparoscopic major hepatectomy
13:05 13:25 Nuh RAHBARI
Universitymedicine Mannheim
Laparoscopic ALPPS: Evolution of a safe procedure for extended hepatectomy
13:25 13:45  
Session Pancreas 1
Moderators: M. Miyazaki, N. Rahbari, M. Adham, S. Potrč
13:45 14:05 Technical aspects of Tora-no-Ana approach in pancreatic surgery
14:05 14:25 Mustapha ADHAM
University Claude Bernard Lyon
Faculty of Medicine Lyon Sud –
Lyon, France
Laparoscopic pancreatic surgery for pancreatic cancer. Is it realy the future?
14:25 14:45 Masaru MIYAZAKI
International University of Health and Welfare
MITA Hospital
Tokyo, Japan
Aggressive surgical strategy using combined vascular resection for locally advanced pancreas cancers
14:45 15:05 Marco MARINO
University of Palermo
Palermo, Italy
Robotic Whipple with vascular resection
15:05 15:30  
15:30 16:30  
Session Liver 3
Moderators: D. Duda,Y. Tokat, A. Sugioka, L. Patrlj
16:30 16:50 Pitfalls in Living Donor Hepatectomy: How to handle anatomical variation
16:50 17:10 Nikola VLADOV
Military Medical Academy
Sofia, Bulgary
Extreme Liver surgery
17:10 17:30 Ender DULUNDU
University of Marmara,
School of Medicine
Istanbul, Turkey
Video presentation: “Isolated Caudate Lobectomy”
17:30 17:50  


Tuesday, September 24th

Session Pancreas 2
Moderators: M. Zovak, Z. Rifatbegović, Z. Milošević, V. Đukić
09:00 09:15 Ethical problems in acute pancreatitis
09:15 09:30 Mario ZOVAK
University Clinical Hospital Center “Sestre Milosrdnice”
Zagreb, Croatia
Tailored Approach in Pancreatic cancer Surgery
09:30 09:45 Stojan POTRČ
University Clinical Center Maribor
Maribor, Slovenia
Pancreatic Resections in Treatment of Pancreatic Malignancies
09:45 10:00 Blaž TROTOVŠEK
University Clinical Center Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Modified appleby procedure in era of neoadjuvant therapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer
10:00 10:15 Dejan RADENKOVIĆ
Clinical Center of Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia
Curent Surgical Treatment of Pancreatic cancer
10:15 10:35
Session Liver 4
Moderators: S. Potrč, D. Schwarz, A. Karamarković, L. Patrlj
10:35 10:50 Tips and Tricks in Liver Resections
10:50 11:05 Zoran MILOŠEVIĆ
Clinical Center of Vojvodina
Novi Sad, Serbia
Extreme Liver surgery
11:05 11:20 Danko Velimir VRDOLJAK
Clinic for Tumors
University Clinical Hospital Center “Sestre Milosrdnice”
Zagreb, Croatia
Surgical Technique of Stapling Hepatectomy
11:20 11:35 Mihajlo ĐOKIĆ
University Clinical Center Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia
New curative method in treatment of HCC?
11:35 11:50 Vladimir ĐUKIĆ
University Clinical Hospital Center
„Dr Dragisa Misovic-Dedinje”
Belgrade, Serbia
Principles of Damage Control in Liver Trauma
11:50 12:10
12:10 12:40
Session HPB
Moderators: R. Perunović, B. Trotovšek, D.V. Vrdoljak, S. Matić
12:40 12:55 Treatment of iatrogenic injuries of the extrahepatic bile duct after laparoscopic cholecystectomy without transhepatic stent and Witzel drainage
12:55 13:10 Slavko MATIĆ
Clinical Center of Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia
Tips and Tricks in Biliary tract Reconstruction
13:10 13:25 Dragan SCHWARZ
Policlinic Radiochirurgia
Zagreb, Croatia
Radiosurgery in HPB Malignancies
13:25 13:40 Aleksandar KARAMARKOVIĆ
University Clinical Center “Zvezdara”
Belgrade, Serbia
Pancreatectomies with En Block Porto-mesenteric Axis Resections for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer
13:40 14:00

About the city

About Belgrade

Belgrade is situated at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. The medieval town of Singidunum, which is the Slavic name of Belgrade known since 878, was built on the site of today's Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park, above the place where the Sava flows into the Danube. Because of this position Belgrade is appositely called the Gate to the Balkans and the Gate to Central Europe.

One of the most famous writers in Serbia, Dusko Radovic once said:

'Whoever had been lucky to wake up in Belgrade this morning, could be satisfied that for today he achieved enough in life. Any further insistence on something more, would be immodest.' (Dusko Radovic, Serbian poet)


Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It has a history of 7000 years, and the oldest archeological finds date back to the fifth millennium AD. Between the 16th and 19th centuries, Belgrade was called by many names in different languages:, Alba Bulgarica, Alba Graeca, Bello grado, Nandor Alba, Griechisch Veissenburg and Castelbianco.


Belgrade is the capital and the largest city of Serbia. The city has a population of 1.23 million.

Culture & Science

Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, science and education. It has the highest concentration of nationally important arts and scientific institutions: the Serbian Academy of Science and Art, founded in 1886 as the Serbian Royal Academy; the National Library of Serbia, founded in 1832; the National Museum, founded in 1841 and the National Theatre, founded in 1869.


The official language is Serbian. The official alphabets are Cyrillic and Latin. Visitors from abroad can use English to communicate.

Currency & Coinage

The official currency of the country is the Serbian Dinar (RSD).

Foreign currencies can be exchanged at Banks, at the Airport or the Exchange Offices.

Time zone

Belgrade and Serbia are in the CET (Central European Time) zone, same as most of Europe (Excluding Britain, Portugal, Romania and Greece) – UTC+1.

In summer the Daylight Saving Time (DST) moves it to CEST – UTC+2.

Climate & Weather

Belgrade has a moderate continental climate, with four seasons and uniformly spread precipitation. Take a look at the weather forecast for the week of Congress here


As in most cities of Continental Europe, the electricity voltage in Belgrade is 220V. Electrical outlets are standard European with two round pins.


Tap water in Belgrade is safe to drink. There are also plenty bottled water brands offering regular, mildly carbonated or highly carbonated water.

Working hours

Most shops and grocery stores work usually from 8 AM to 9 or 10 PM, but there are others that work 24h. Large shopping malls are open from 10am until 10 PM for business days and weekends too. Banks and offices have standard 9 AM to 5 PM working hours. Most of them have ATMs (cash machines).


In case of emergencies during the Congress, please contact the staff at the registration desk. In case of emergencies in the hotel, please contact your hotel reception for first aid service.

Police Department: 192
Fire Department: 193
Medical emergencies: 194


Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade ****

Conference room: White Pearl



Centre of the city: 4 km
Connection to the motorway E 75: 1.5 km
Novi Beograd railway station: 2.6 km
Nikola Tesla airport (BEG): 15 km



Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade
Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 10 K
RS-11000 Beograd
Tel +381 / (0)11 / 225 0000
Fax +381 / (0)11 / 225 0001

Hotel Reservation

Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade ****

Dynamic, modern, and at the right place

The 4 Star Superior hotel Belgrade designed by the star architect Boris Podrecca stands out for its futuristic facade, its welcoming atmosphere and its first class hotel facilities.

This city hotel is located in the vibrant business and entertainment district of Belgrade. Close to the city center and with a great connection to the airport, the hotel offers modern design, comfort, excellent service and a high level of functionality. A perfect place to stay whether you are visiting the booming metropolis in the Balkans for business, a conference or a sightseeing trip.





The City SPA, situated on the top floor of the building.


Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade is also the ideal starting point for numerous sightseeing tours
and shopping:

  • Old town with Kalemegdan fortress and park
  • Knez Mihailova Street – main pedestrian and shopping zone in Belgrade
  • 2 big shopping malls Delta City and Ušće, only a 3 km distance from the hotel and shopping center Mercator (300 m distance from the hotel)
  • St Sava’s Temple – one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world
  • Nikola Tesla Museum
  • The Skadarska Street – bohemian quarter filled with numerous old Cafés and Restaurants offers fun and entertainment
  • Ada Ciganlija Lake – most popular picnic spot, with more than 50 open-air sports fields, including a golf course and cable-ski circuit. At this place, together with the rivers Sava and Danube, dozens of floating restaurants, bars, and clubs can be found.


Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade
Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 10 K
RS-11000 Beograd
Tel +381 / (0)11 / 225 0000
Fax +381 / (0)11 / 225 0001


Other hotels

IN Hotel ****

Dynamic, modern, and at the right place

IN Hotel Belgrade is a business hotel located in the central financial and business part of New Belgrade. The hotel is located in a perfect location for business people because it offers modern amenities and a unique blend of design and technology. Distance between Hotel Falkesteiner and IN Hotel Belgrade is 2,8 km.  More »


Crown Plaza Belgrade ****

Crown Plaza is a few minutes' drive from Belgrade Central train station and city Centre attractions. Distance between Hotel Falkesteiner and Crown Plaza Belgrade is 3,4 km.  More »


Hyatt Regency Belgrade *****

Hyatt Regency Belgrade is the preferred upscale hotel for leisure and business travelers, conveniently located in the hart of New Belgrade, the capital‘s main business and  entertainment district. Close to the city center and well connected to Belgrade airport.Distance between Hotel Falkesteiner and Hyat Regency Belgrade is 3,1 km.  More »

The Tulip Inn Putnik ***

The Tulip Inn Putnik Belgrade hotel, a modern 3-star hotel, is located in the business hub of New Belgrade. Being only 6 km away from the city center it is ideal for business and leisure guests. This hotel joined an international chain Golden Tulip Hospitality Group, which operates with 1072 hotels around the world.

All rooms and suites feature a wide range of superb amenities including working desk, telephone, radio and TV set, minibar, A/C and opening windows. Rooms are cozy and equipped to satisfy all the needs of a contemporary businessman. For hotel guests there are 29 parking lots which are free of charge. More »