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Intellectual property rights and restrictions on the use of information and materials

As a Visitor or User of our Website and the video presentations contained therein, you have the right to view and download the information and materials displayed on it solely for personal, non-commercial use and informational purposes, provided that all copyright or other proprietary notices keep the information contained in the original document in your copies. Any conduct that would in any way infringe the designated copyrights, intellectual property rights or other rights of which there is a notice is prohibited. Also, you may use the content of IASGO Website and the video presentations contained therein solely for the purpose of review for your own use.

Any other form of use of the content of our Website and video presentations contained therein (copying, republishing, distribution or further sending as well as distribution in any other way, application with another brand or name, etc.) is prohibited, unless this is not regulated by prior written permission or a special agreement with the User.
In addition to the above, any other publication, processing, modification, amendment, translation, sale, improper use of the work, distribution and otherwise use of the content of the Website and video presentations that are on it contrary to law, or association of content or part of another website without our permission.

If the User behaves in an unauthorized manner, i.e. contrary to the above rules, IASGO-SEEC has the right to warn the Site User to stop illegal activities immediately, to suspend the right to continue using the site, and in case of infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights, to initiate appropriate procedures to protect them against infringers.