Congress Topics

3rd IASGO Belgrade Meeting & 1st IASGO SERC Regional Congress


The main topics of the 3rd IASGO Belgrade Meeting IASGO SERC Regional -Congress will remain within the frame of general IASGO strategic orientation Below is the exhaustive list of topics that might be slightly modified, according to actual developments and decisions of the Organizing Committee.

• Tips and Tricks in the Multidisciplinary Management of HPB Cancers
• Modalities of Artery First Approaches to Pancreatic Resections
• How to perform Liver Resection?
• How I do it? Video presentations
• Laparoscopic Liver surgery
• Laennecs capsule concept in Anatomical Liver Resections
• Caudate Lobectomy
• Anterior Approach in HCC
• ERAS in pancreatic surgery
• Robotic PD
• Duodenum preserving Pancreatic Head Resection
• Controversies in Upfront surgery for Pancreatic cancer

• Up to date Medical HPB Oncology
• Colorectal oncologic surgery update
• Current use of radiosurgery in surgical oncology – what we need to know?
• Multidisciplinary treatment of colorectal liver metastasis
• Minimally invasive colorectal surgery
• Contemporary hernia surgery
• Gastroenterology, interventional endoscopy & endoscopic surgery Interface – state of the art & perspectives
• Chemotherapy – different options, interrelations with oncologic surgery and novel treatments

• Round table – Ex-YU & SEE region – Digestive Oncology – where are we now and where should we be going – similarities and differences – how to make breakthrough?
• Special guest session – Serbian Scientific Association